At 4:24 PM EST We will have the last eclipse in the Taurus/Scorpio cycle which lasted nearly 2 years. This Lunar Eclipse will occur at 5 degrees and 9 mins of Taurus opposing the sun at 5 degrees and 9 minutes of Scorpio.

The last eclipses (solar and lunar) in Taurus took place on November 8th, 2022, April 30th, 2022, and November 19th, 2021. Now is a good time for final reflections on what these eclipses in this sign were telling you. Now you’ll have more perspective as a more complete story has played out. A pattern is surely clear. If it is not clear to you what the pattern is, then look at the house/s where Taurus resides in your chart and consider those themes. For example, if Taurus is your 3rd house- what are the things you have learned about how you form ideas? Or have you learned anything new about your relationship with your siblings or about how you relate to those in your neighborhood? If Taurus is your 8th house, what have your learned about the values passed down to you through your ancestors? Or have your learned anything new in regard to your sexuality? Have you held boundaries that have been limiting in this area of your life? Or perhaps you have learned about investing or retirement? Whatever the house, or houses, the lessons you have learned may have been hard won these past two years. One thing is for certain, change is inevitable, and it has no doubt happened in your Taurus house.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign, and that energy expresses as needing permanence on the tactile level- whereas Scorpio energy is all about emotional transformation and regeneration. That is describing these energies at the simplest level. This full moon being an eclipse makes this a time of purging on an extreme level. The thing is, you may find that things have a way of leaving your life without much effort on your part at this time. You may also find yourself facing a reality check that hits hard. When faced with such circumstances the best thing is to flow with them, rather than against them. Being in nature in a very tactile way at this time can help you ground and center- giving a place for any unsettling energy to flow. The fact that this full moon eclipse is ruled by Venus in Virgo- another earth sign- means that we are all going to want to do something physical and “productive with this energy. Virgo at its best brings that healing arts energy applying thoughtful, yet practical care to everything it touches. Now is a good time to direct that care towards yourself.

Other aspects occurring during this full moon eclipse – Mercury conjunct Mars in Scorpio with both opposite Jupiter in Taurus. Be careful not to jump to conclusions when speaking with others. Again, this is a time of careful contemplation and internal reflection on the past two years of your life. Direct your desire to dig deeper towards your own inner workings. This is a great time for psychoanalysis or any kind of therapeutic work- especially somatic. Art creation as a tool for healing is also exalted at this time – especially music making or sculpting. Even if you have never touched clay before – this may be a great time to get some or make some out of flour and water. I invite you to do something tactile or to let out sounds on exhales and explore what doing this brings up for you.

During eclipses I stay away from intensive rituals – as the energies are already stirring. Again, let what needs to be revealed in your life, or let go of- just run its course. In another 9 years we will be with these energies again as the north node enters Scorpio and the south node moves into Taurus. By then we will have grown so much, we may not even recognize ourselves. The world will have undergone immense transformation- especially with its time during Pluto in Aquarius. So, enjoy this moment- whatever comes.

Many blessings to you – always!


Neptune Bound

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