Bonita Oliver is a multidisciplinary performance artist and producer. She creates deeply emotional, body in space, concept art through visuals, voice, music, environmental soundscapes and movement. Her process is in the moment and responds to stimuli – be it internal or external -through embodiment and interaction. Her live works exhibit this process in real time.

Bonita’s work is about transitions- the process of moving through states of being – and transformation. Much of her subject matter highlights Black American experiences and often combines elements of spirituality and ritual. The motivation is to heal personal and ancestral trauma in order to make way for discovery and connection.

Bonita (who also performs under the name of French Leave) is originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. She is an actress, award winning film maker and member of SAG-AFTRA, ASCAP, NYWIFT, and WOCU.



2018 Massachusetts Independent Film Festival- Award for Best Short Film and Best Cinematography- ASCENSION | 2018 Shawna E Shea Film Festival- Award for Best Experimental Short - ASCENSION | 2021 Barrymore Film Festival- Official Selection Cell Phone Cinema- HOSTAGES 3 | 2022 We Make Movies International Film Festival- Official Selection- HOSTAGES 3 | 2023 We Make Movies International Film Festival- OFFICIAL SELECTION- SEEKING TRUTH | 2023/24 KWANZAA FILM FESTIVAL- BEST EXPERIMENTAL FILM - SEEKING TRUTH

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