The "AR ARIAS" Project Coming Soon

The creation of this experience is generously supported by theĀ 2022 IDEA OperaĀ ResidencyĀ and the 2023 IDEA Opera grant

An Interactive Historical EXPERIENCE

Augmented Reality Ā 


Audio-Reactive Digital Art

AR Arias is a series of site specific, historical landmark based artworks which provide interactive engagement and educationā€¦

Disentangling US mythology from US reality

Reexamining the rolesĀ Black People have played throughout the formation of the United States of America


First feature-

Spiritualist and activist, Sojourner Truth

Truth directed her voice and image with integrity, insisting on being photographed – not painted – for her Carteā€™ De Visite bearing the inscription,Ā 

Ā ā€œI sell the shadow to support the substanceā€

Ā Sojourner knew the power of image. Yet, there has been a skewing of perception due to the dominant narrative. In AR Arias: Sojourner Truth we imagery is juxtaposed against the storytelling within each Aria to challenge historical distortion.

Premiere at the sojourner truth memorial june 15th