New Moon In Scorpio November 13th 2023

This new moon partial solar eclipse in Scorpio will occur at 4:27AM EST. It happens to be ruled by Mars in its own sign of Scorpio (I know, in modern Evolutionary Astrology, Pluto is regarded to rule over Scorpio, but I prefer to stick with the ancient rulers for interpretation). This sun/moon conjunction (New Moon) is happening at 20 degrees and 44 minutes of Scorpio and forms a conjunction with Mars itself as well as an opposition with Uranus in Taurus. There is a Neptune connection happening along with these aspects to the new moon but the most prominent are the aforementioned. What does this all mean? Let’s put it all together…

Uranus and Mars working together in any aspect have been known to create a lot of generative energy. The opposition can be the most jarring of all because it usually manifests in something outside of ourselves – most often in relationship with another person. It is an energy that cannot be ignored. When paired with the luminaries in new moon formation, it is really about us working consciously with the energy to create a new beginning in our lives.

Neptune in Pisces in Trine to this cluster of Scorpio planets and in Sextile to Uranus is a spiritual balm. It reminds us that if we do this work, we can clear up some of the collective karma that we all share. If we work on ourselves, we are aiding in the process of collective transformation.

Scorpio energy is about plumbing the depths. It is about intense emotional experiences. It is about clearing out psychic weight. If we consciously direct this energy we can use it for great transformation, rather than fearful manipulation (which one shadow manifestation of Scorpio energy). If we look to the house/hoses where Scorpio is, we can really examine our relationship to emotional power. We can let go of the emotions that control our actions due to the psychic weight- sapping us of our dynamic energy. Uranus – the planet of karmic disruption- opposing the Scorpio cluster in the sky helps us see inside of ourselves through shocks to our system. This can provoke positive change because it allows us to see where we may be holding on to too much old pain. If this is happening in, let’s say- for example, your 6th house- this could be a time for you to look to any workplace issues you may be having. Or it could be a chance to see how any feelings you have been holding on to may be impacting your physical health. If either of these are the case, it could be just what you needed to make necessary shifts in your daily routines that can have a positive effect going forward. You can move with more clarity and ease after you do the work to make the shift. This is what astrology can help with. It gives you points of focus to be able to direct your energy wisely.

So, look to which house or houses this 20th degree of Scorpio falls within in your own chart. Notice if these current transits align with your natal planets. Or if you have any planets in the fixed signs of Leo and Aquarius as well as Taurus and Scorpio around the 20th degree, you are going to feel this most intensely because in addition to the conjunctions and oppositions you will be feeling the squares. The square aspects are the most internally stirring of aspects. There can be a lot of opportunity for worldview shifting epiphanies for you Aquarians. For Leo types, you can have a truly heart opening expansion if you work consciously with an energy of gratitude for whatever happens in your life at this time. I myself have a Leo Saturn placement at 19 degrees and my eldest has Saturn at about 24 Leo. (My Saturn Return baby) We will be in the air on a plane during this partial eclipse- flying for 5 and half hours. We will have lots of time to talk about our relationship and the changes we have both been going through at this phase in our lives as they look at what comes for them after high school. So look to what’s stirring for you and yours to see how you can turn this into an opportunity for immense growth.


Many, MANY blessings!



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