Full Moon 6 Degrees of Aries 9/29/23

The 6 degree Aries full moon


is occurring at 5:57 AM EST on Friday, Sept 29th 2023. We are being called to lean into our own desires. 

All full moons are about finding balance since the moon and sun are in opposite signs during the phase of full moon. This full moon however places extra emphasis on examining the opposite energies and finding the correct balance since we are in Libra season. 

Libra is an air sign and it deals with the realm of the intellect. Its application for intellect is focused on enjoyable social connections. It is sensitive to social dynamics in relationships. Libra is also ruled by Venus so it’s wanting to make sure it is going to get its needs met – but it does so in a way that focuses on HOW we are communicating our needs and desires. It is associated with concentrating on the other and making sure the other is seeing the value in the interaction so their needs can in turn be met. 

The Moon in Aries however is looking at the Sun in Libra and its focus is on ensuring we are looking after our needs in a way that centers on our own desires first and foremost. How are we individually getting fulfillment from our social interactions? Which relationships set off our inner sparks? 

Neither approach is incorrect. Both energies are concerned with feeling good in relation to oneself and to others. In fact, with this polarity- it’s good to check in – wavering between both approaches. 

This really IS the great relationship polarity – Aries/Libra. However the ruler of this full moon – Mars- is presently in “detriment” in Libra and – it’s getting closer to the current south node position. This tells a more nuanced story…

Mars is the planet of physical ACTION and raw DESIRE. it’s in a natural affinity with Libra’s opposite sign – Aries. Mars in Aries would feel sudden inspiration and acts on it immediately. Libra wants to use words and reasoning to get Mars in Libra may run it through their head first and weigh possible outcomes first before acting. Either way – Mars wants what it wants. Again, in these different signs it takes two different pathways to getting it. Its force of will be subtle persuasion. Both are concerned with getting what they desire but Aries is more direct. Libra can tend to look at what the other needs in a situation- sometimes tending towards using people pleasing tactics to get its needs met. Make no mistake though – all are concerned with getting needs met ultimately. 

During this full moon then – I invite you to look out how you can be your most authentic self In relationship with others. How can you honor each person you encounter without compromising who you are. Recognize interdependence is a part of what it means to be of this world- however being truly oneself and in tune with oneself makes relationships flow. 

One last thing I want to note – as we are entering 16 more months of Aries/Libra eclipse season with the nodes in these signs… 


Chiron is still in the middle Decan of Aries and we are all looking at our wounding around being independent, self starters, learning about what makes our hearts pound fire into our veins and how to let folks know – without hesitation – when a line has been crossed. We are all learning how to reclaim our childlike spontaneity. Chiron is doing its work on the collective – but especially those with Natal Chiron in Aries and those with north or south node in Aries or ANY points in Aries. The healing right now is profound and the full moon in Aries tenderizes those wounds about now – so we can see where we need to apply more healing love and forgiveness. 

There is an interesting aspect between Mercury in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces forming around the full moon. The energy of this can certainly add an artist flair to our expression. It could also lead to miscommunication or misunderstanding- but always come back to the truth of what it means to be human(being an individual with consciousness- who is interconnected with everything on the planet and trying to survive – even flourish – while enjoying the experience) When we acknowledge that every human is seeking this – and seek to understand the others perspective- with compassion- that can help clear any tensions that might arise. 

There is also an opposition between the moon and Mars and both (along with the sun) are in a T square with Pluto at this time. So we can really experience a transformation internally which can shift our  perspective and our actions in relations with others. There can be a breakthrough. 

This breakthrough is further emphasized because Venus and Uranus are making a square around the time of the full moon. This is happening between the signs of Leo and Taurus. Our self image and our shared cultural values – are they aligning? 

There is a nice – if mild – sextile between Venus and Mars! That should help us with the push and pull of attraction. It can help us strike that needed balance. 

It’s great to have awareness of all of these energies so that we can use them intentionally. 

But back to the full moon specifically… 

Full moons are always times of culmination. This one  is known as the Harvest moon and can be especially fruitful. Look back to 6 months ago – around March 20th and also around April 19th. Think on what was happening in your life. What seeds were you planting? How have they sprouted and do you need to make any adjustments in your Aries house/s? 

Personally, my Venus is being DIRECTLY activated at this time. My values and my self love principles are being challenged at this time. I need to look at how I am nurturing myself and assess if I am providing myself with adequate self care. Is there balance in my relationships – especially my creative ones. Is my self expression coming through as I had artistically envisioned? Who is supporting my artistic vision? Do those relationships feel equitable? That is what is being roused for me. 

Look at where 6 degrees of Aries is in your chart and see if you have any planets within 7 degrees on either side of it. Also – see if you have anything around 6 Libra – the placement of the sun during this full moon. These areas will come very into focus. Also pay attention to if you have anything at 6 degrees of Cancer or Capricorn. For the Cancer/Cap axis folks, this full moon will be HIGHLY stimulating for you – spurring you on to DO SOMETHING with the energy whatever planet or bodies or points are being touched off. 

I wish you all the best and deep DEEP fulfillment at this time- by yourself and within your relationships. May you live out your life full of passion! 

Your Neptune Bound Astrologer 🟣💕

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