September 2023

This 21 degree Virgo new moon happens just before “eclipse season” and begins during a slightly less than usual occurrence of 6 planets retrograde – or in shadow at once. The key players during this lunation are the sun and moon –  obviously – but also Uranus Neptune Pluto Mercury and Saturn. 

I’ll break down each one now… 

As per usual, New Moons represent a time of internal refueling. It is the pause before the pick up. It’s the time to germinate new ideas which will be birthed and begin to come to fruition 6 months later – during the full moon in Virgo 2024.

Virgo themes center around how can we bring forth our gifts as a service to the world and how we can do so with the utmost dedication and efficiency. So, during this new moon, we tend to ourselves to ensure we are at optimum health. We need to make sure that we are running on the latest operating system – so to speak. So, ask yourself… Am I up to date with my skill set? Do I have all the tools I need to deliver on the grand vision I germinated during the Leo new moon last month? 

With this new moon being in a pretty close trine to Uranus we are supported in finding the most up to date tools to deliver our gifts to the world and we are galvanized to try our new ways of doing this – to revolutionize our process. Besides a trine to Uranus there is a wide trine to Pluto who is finishing up its tour of Capricorn – where it will not be again for over 200 years! This last phase of Pluto in this ambitious sign wants us to finish up the lessons of where the 27th degree of Capricorn falls in your personal chart by house. The fact that it’s in a supportive aspect with the new moon in the sign of Virgo means you can solidify that final plan to move up to the next plateau. These planets and the moon the sun luminaries also join with Neptune to form a grand Kite. This is a special aspect configuration which only occurs when you have at least one grand trine bifurcated by an opposition. In this case Neptune – the planet of illusion – is the opposing planet to the New Moon. Though it is fairly a wide opposition – it’s still going to have an impact on us by bringing divine inspiration into the mix. We are stabilized to not get too dreamy and distracted because we have so much earth in this grand aspect with Neptune. It’s actually bringing exactly want we need to get too caught up in practicality to the point that we lack imagination. 

To add to all of this there is the new moon has the tension of a Saturn and a Mercury retrograde. With both planets being retrograde in aspect to each other. Mercury is both dignified and exalted in Virgo. That means it’s working at its VERY highest level – even while retrograde. In fact, this really is a PERFECT time to go inside of oneself and review if you are functioning at your best because Virgo is like a personal martial arts trainer that keeps it real and knows how to push the right buttons. It tells you how you can move in better form and what fuel is best to up level your body. Saturn grades your performance but in Pisces it’s like a judge of not only your strength but the beauty and grace of your form and movements. It really is a wonderful full moon for self-reflection and up leveling all aspects of your life but especially the houses in your chart where these planets fall. 

For me – personally- the houses in focus are the 4th, 10th, 8th and 12th houses. So, in my case, it’s all about balancing home life productivity with career goals and productivity. I need to make sure all of my tools in my arsenal and that my living spaces are up to par so that I can perform at my best in my career. I have to let go also of any ancestral, familial and personal psychological barriers that have been holding me back from high functionality. 

Again – look at how your houses are lit up. You can always cast a free chart at and if you want a personal in depth reading – you know where to find me! 🙂 

Have a beautiful new 🌚


Neptune Bound! 

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